Savagely Superior
Equip a superior item in every slot with a minimum item level of 608 (prior to Battle for Azeroth).
Chapter I: Call of the Archmage
Begin Khadgar's legendary quest and prove yourself raid-ready by defeating the spirit of Kairozdormu.
The Second Rule of Brawler's Guild (Season 2)
Reach Rank 4 with Brawl'gar Arena during the Draenor campaign.
Brawler's Pass
Iron Dwarf, Medium Rare (10 player)
Defeat 25 Dark Rune Guardian Dwarves with Razorscale's Flame Breath in 10-player mode.
Bottle Service (Season 2)
Hit an angry spectator in the head with an Expired Blackout Brew during the Draenor campaign.
I'm Your Number One Fan (Season 2)
Cheer a player on after they have won a brawl during the Draenor campaign.
Dual Talent Specialization
Visit your class trainer when you are at least level 30 and activate your Dual Talent Specialization.